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Item #: FSPSUC
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Quiet down your power supply by isolating the vibration with the Fansis anti-vibration power supply gasket.

Silicone gaskets are an excellent way to prevent vibration being transmitted into your PC case and have long been accepted as a very effective way of mounting fans to reduce noise. Now, we are pleased to present a gasket which is specifically designed for a PC power supply. It is specially moulded from super-soft silica gel in order to fit around the rear of any ATX power supply unit, and will drastically reduce low-frequency vibrational noise caused by the PSU fan. It also gives protection to the power supply to protect it from physical shock.

In addition, the package contains eight screws and silica gel washers which can be used as an alternative mounting method for your power supply, or for mounting additional power supplies in other machines or other items such as hard drives.


  1. Super-soft silica gel gasket eliminates power supply fan vibration
  2. Significantly reduces low frequency noise level
  3. Easy to install and transferable when you upgrade your PSU
  4. Protects fan and power supply from physical shock
  5. Includes 8 x screws/soft washers for alternative/additional mountings


Dimensions (W x H x D) 152 x 88 x 10 mm
Weight 40 g
Compatibility ATX PSU (any fan position)
Other items included 8 x screws and 8 x soft silica gel washers

Quiet PC USA is the North American Exclusive Distributor for Acousti Products and an authorized US distributor for Coolink, Cubitek, Noctua, and NOFAN manufacturers. Image shows US and CAN flags.

Quiet PC USA is the Exclusive North American distributor for Acousti Products and an authorized US distributor for Coolink, Cubitek, Noctua, and NOFAN Corporation manufacturers of quiet computer components and acoustic sound proofing materials.

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