Zalman F3 120mm Quiet PC Cooling Fan

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Building on the success of the classic ZM-F1 and ZM-F2 (80 and 92mm) fans, Zalman have announced a 120mm version with the same excellent build quality. World-famous for their striking and highly efficient CPU coolers, Zalman are certainly a company who know a thing or two about cooling!

The ZM-F3 comes with with four “silicon pin” fan mounts, eliminating the possibility that vibrational fan noise could be transmitted into the chassis and amplified. It also comes with an RC56 resistor cable, which gives you the option of running the fan at a lower speed for even quieter operation where a large amount of airflow is not necessary. For the discerning PC enthusiast, the Zalman ZM-F3 is definitely a 120mm fan worthy of careful consideration.

Please note: when using our fans which have 3-pin connectors (connected to the motherboard), some customers have reported that monitoring of the fan speed does not work. This is not due to a fault with the fans, but rather that some motherboards are unable to monitor the rpm of fans which operate below a certain speed. Occasionally, upgrading the motherboard BIOS to the latest version solves this, but otherwise nothing can be done to fix the problem. It is not a serious issue - it just means that you will not be able to monitor how fast your fans are running. Most customers feel that the ability to monitor fan speed is well worth trading for fans which operate in near silence.


Model Zalman 120mm
Connector type 3 pin
Fan speed (rpm) 900
Acoustic noise level (dB(A)) 20.0
Bearings Sleeve
Dimensions (mm) 120 X 120 X 25
Weight (g) 164
Mounting screws included Anti-vibration Mounts
Accessories RC56

Please note: The specifications listed in the chart above are for fans operated in "Silent" mode. To operate an AcoustiFan or Zalman fan in silent mode, the optional resister shipped with these products must be added inline.

If you decide to use more than one case fan in your PC, it is generally good practice for every fan that you have sucking air into the case (usually at the front), you should have another one blowing it out (usually at the rear), in other words, one exhaust fan for every inlet fan. The role of a fan is easily determined by which way around you decide to mount it, since the fans are symmetric and reversible.