Zalman VF2000 LED Hybrid Quiet VGA/CPU Cooler

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The Zalman VF2000-LED hybrid CPU/VGA cooler uses a high-capacity 92mm LED fan for outstanding cooling performance and enhanced aesthetics. The Zalman VF2000 can be adapted to fit and cool either a VGA processor or a CPU and its surrounding components. The Zalman VF2000 uses the FanMate2 controller, allowing you to regulate the speed so that you may also reduce noise levels when ever possible. When set to 'silent mode' the Zalman VF2000 does not generate any audible noise or vibration making this versatile cooler a superb choice for the quiet PC enthusiast.

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Image shows the Zalman VF
  • Image shows the Zalman VF2000 CPU and GPU cooler on a graphics card.
    Zalman VF2000 GPU/VGA Cooler.
  • Image shows the Zalman VF2000 CPU and GPU cooler being used as CPU cooler.
    Zalman VF2000 quiet VGA Cooler Side View.
  • Image shows the Zalman VF2000 Dual-purpose hybrid-cooler for VGA or CPU cooling.
    Zalman VF2000 quiet CPU cooler.
  • Image shows Zalman VF2000 quiet CPU and quiet VGA cooler base.
    Zalman VF2000 quiet CPU Heat Sink and Cooler Base.

Image shows Zalman VF2000 CPU and GPU cooler.

Zalman Dual Purpose VF2000 GPU and CPU Cooler Features

  1. Dual-purpose hybrid-cooler for VGA or CPU cooling.
  2. Patented VFP (Variable Fin Profile) technology with fan-embedded heatsink for optimized cooling efficiency, and maximized dissipation area for superior performance.
  3. Four high performance heatpipes for fast heat transfer.
  4. Thin(0.3mm) & pure aluminum fins for lightness and excellent cooling performance.
  5. High-capacity 92mm LED fan for outstanding cooling performance and cool aesthetics.
  6. Cools not only the VGA/CPU, but the surrounding components for enhanced system stability.
  7. FanMate 2 fan controller included for user control of noise and performance.
  8. Does not generate noise or vibration in Silent Mode.
Image shows the Zalman VF2000 as a VGA and GPU cooler, CPU cooler, both a CPU and a VGA or GPU cooler and with the fan LED lights.

Zalman VF2000 Dual-Purpose Hybrid CPU and VGA Cooler Specifications

Zalman VF2000 Dual-Purpose Hybrid FHS Specification
Dimensions 126(L) x 110(W) x 45(H) mm
Weight 290g
Base Material Dissipation Fins : Pure Aluminum
Base : Pure Copper, Heatpipe : Pure Copper
Zalman VF2000 Dual-Purpose Hybrid GPU and CPU Cooler Fan Specification
Dimensions 92(L) x 92(W) x 15(H) mm
Bearing Type 2 Ball-Bearing
Speed Silent Mode 1,400rpm ± 10 % Normal Mode 2,350rpm ± 10 %
Noise Level Silent Mode 19.0dBA ± 10 % Normal Mode 29.0dBA ± 10 %

CPU Compatibility

Zalman CPU/GPU Cooler | CPU Compatibility
Intel 775 Celeron D Supports all speeds Clip A Compatible List Incompatible List
Pentium D Prescott Up to 540
Cedar Mill Up to 650
Core 2 Duo Supports all speeds
Core 2 Quad
AMD AM2+ Phenom X4 Up to 9850 Clip B Compatible List Incompatible List
Phenom X3 Supports all speeds
Athlon 64 X2
Athlon 64 FX Up to 53
Athlon 64 Supports all speeds
AM2 Athlon 64 X2 Supports all speeds
Athlon 64 FX Up to 53
Athlon 64 Supports all speeds

Graphics Card Compatibility

Zalman CPU/GPU Cooler | Graphics Card Compatibility
Radeon HD 4870 Series
Radeon HD 4850 Series
Radeon HD 4830 Series
Radeon HD 3870 Series
Radeon HD 3850 Series
Radeon HD 2600XT(DDR4) Series
Radeon X1950 Series
Radeon X1900 Series
Radeon X1800 Series
Geforce 9800GT Series
Geforce 9600GT, GSO Series
Geforce 9500GT, 9400GT Series
Geforce 8800GT, GS, GTS(G92) Series
Geforce 8600GT, 8500GT Series
Geforce 7950 Series (except GX2)
Geforce 7900, 7800, 7600 Series
Geforce 6800, 6600 Series (except 6600 AGP Series)
Quadro FX Series (except 4600, 4700X2, 5600 Series)

Zalman VF2000 CPU and GPU cooler Components

Image shows the Zalman VF2000 GPU and CPU cooler components. Common Components
  • One (1) VF2000 Cooler
  • Four (4) Springs
  • Four (4) Fixing Nuts
  • Two (2) Thermal Grease
  • One (1) PVC Washer Plate
  • One (1) Fan Controller (FAN MATE 2)
  • One (1) Cable for FAN MATE 2
  • One (1) Double-Sided Tape (to attach FAN MATE 2)
  • One (1) User's Manual
VGA Components
  • Eight (8) RAM Heatsinks
  • Four (4) Nipples A
  • Four (4) Rubber Rings A
CPU Components
  • Two(2) Intel Socket 775 Clips A
  • Two(2) AMD Socket AM2/AM2+Clips B
  • Four (4) Bolts
  • Four (4) Nipples B
  • Four (4) Rubber Rings B

Cautionary Notes

  1. By installing this product on a VGA (Video Graphics Array) card, two PCI slots adjacent to the PCIe (or AGP) slot occupied by the VF2000 will become unusable.
  2. The product CANNOT be installed on Matrox VGA cards, NVIDIA PCX 5*** , NVIDIA Geforce 6600 AGP Series, Geforce 7600/7900 AGP Series, and ATI Radeon 9550/9600 Series, any cards with less than four installation holes, and any cards with a diagonal installation hole distance that is not 75.2mm.
  3. To properly install the cooler onto a CPU, please remove the motherboard from the case and install the VF2000 so that the ends of the cooler's heatpipes are directed towards the case's exhaust fan.
  4. If the VGA card and/or its components interfere with the installation of this product, then stop the installation, refer to the list of compatible VGA cards or motherboards at Zalman's website, and install this product with one of the compatible VGA cards or motherboards.
  5. If this product is to be installed on a recently released VGA card, please check for compatibility at Zalman's website first.
  6. The use of an exhaust fan positioned on the rear side of the case is recommended for enhanced product performance.
  7. Check the components list and condition of the product before installation. If any problem is found, contact the retailer to obtain a replacement.
  8. Do not ingest the Thermal Grease, and avoid its contact with skin and eyes. If contact is made with skin, wash off with water. If ingested or any irritation persists, seek medical attention.
  9. Excessive force exerted on the cooler may cause damage to the cooler and/or system.
  10. Avoid inserting objects into the fan while it is in operation.
  11. Zalman is not responsible for any damages caused by overclocking.
  12. During transportation of the system, the cooler must be removed. Zalman is not responsible for any damages that occur during the transport of a system.
  13. Product design and specifications may be revised to improve quality and performance.