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Fans are the main component for cooling every PC system and the first line of defense against system overheat. The Enermax Marathon Enlobal has a magnetic Barometric Bearing design which replaces the ball bearing with magnets. The fan shaft is suspended on air for a truly friction free operation. This new technology allows the fan to run quieter so you get more CFM per RPM and double the lifetime of the fan.

Image shows the Enermax Marathon Enlobal 120mm Case Fan

Enermax Marathon Enlobal 120mm Quiet Cooling Fan.

Image shows the Enermax Marathon Enlobal Case Fan Diagram

Enermax Marathon Enlobal Quiet Cooling Fan Diagram

Enermax Marathon Enlobal 120mm Quiet Cooling Fan Features

  • Exclusive ENLOBAL bearing with magnetic-barometric design to run friction-free and noiseless
  • Nano-technology composite for lowest abrasion and extreme durability
  • Detachable fan blades can be cleaned
  • Best wire management and 3 to 4 pin adapter


Cooling Fan Specifications
Bearing Type ENLOBAL Magnetic Baraometric Bearing
Fan Speed (RPM) 1000RPM
Air Flow (CFM) 44 CFM
Noise Level (DBA) 17db
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Rated Amps 0.20A
Power Connector Type 3pin / 4 pin adapter
Dimensions 120x120x25mm
Enermax Marathon Enlobal 120mm Reviews
A 120mm case fan can't get any better than this performance wise. Read the full review at BigBruin.com. Image shows the Big Bruin Highly Recommended.
Overall, the fan was exactly what Enermax promised, silent, easy to clean, and long lasting (we foresee this to be true but cannot completely guarantee this to be true due to our lack of psychic abilities). 9/10. Read the full review at Phoronix.com. Image shows the Phoronix Editors Choice logo.


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