Fansis Anti Vibration Fan Gasket 120mm

Price: $5.95
  • SKUFS120FG
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These fan gaskets are made from ultra-soft silica gel, and are extremely effective at eliminating vibrational noise from case fans. They come in four sizes to fit 80mm, 92mm,120mm or 140mm fans. Included with each gasket are four screws and silicone washers. They fit standard fan mounting holes so no extra mounting hardware is needed. The silica gel material is top quality, and will not degrade with time. For this reason, you can easily transfer the gaskets whenever you upgrade your PC case in the future.



  1. Help to absorb the fan vibration
  2. Help to ‘seal’ the small gap between the fan and the casing/enclosure wall
  3. Compatible with virtually all case cooling fans
  4. Supplied with 4x screws and 4x silicone washers
  5. Quick and very easy to fit

If you are a reseller or a system builder we offer special pricing on bulk orders of this product. Contact us at sales@quietpcusa.comor call Toll Free (877) 205-2020 for more information.