NoFan P-500A Fanless Silent Power Supply 500W

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Nofan P-500A Silent 500W Fanless Power Supply Unit

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 The ultimate ATX power supply for a silent PC - Nofan's amazing fanless 500 watt ATX PSU offers noise-free, dust-free, worry-free power for total reliability and complete silence.

Nofan's famous IcePipe cooler looks set to change the way people think about combining powerful PC specifications with absolutely silent running, but of course there is little benefit to be had by using a fanless processor cooler if other components in the machine generate noise! Typically, the PC power supply is one of the main culprits for making fan noise, because usually its internal components generate so much heat that a fan is inevitably required in order to keep its temperature down. However, Nofan have taken a different approach with their new fanless power supply. It offers ample power and complete reliability and safety, even though it has no cooling fan whatsoever!

It is designed primarily for excellent efficiency, which in itself reduces heat output because more AC power is converted to DC power with less unwanted heat being generated in the process. In addition, the whole of the base of the power supply is one big heatsink, as can be seen from the fins on it. By using a heatsink with such a large surface area, heat can be dissipated passively and without the need for forced airflow.

Given that modern processors and SSD drives have ever-decreasing power requirements, the 500 watt continuous possible power output from this Nofan PSU will be ample for almost any PC.

If a high-power 3D gaming card is installed, however, we would recommend that a conventional power supply be chosen because such graphics cards alone can easily consume 200-300 watts and sometimes more! However, for most people who are not 3D gaming enthusiasts, the Nofan P500-A represents an excellent investment for a silent-running, dust-free, reliable and long-lasting computer.

NoFan Fanless Power Supply Unit 500W Features

Image shows the 80 plus gold logo.

    • Fanless design for a 100% silent and dust-free PC
    • 90% efficiency; complies with 80PLUS GOLD certification
    • Mesh-sleeved cables with velcro cable management
    • 500 watt output gives ample power for most PCs
    • Standby power under one watt

NoFan Fanless Power Supply Unit 500W Specification

NoFan P-500A
80PLUS Award Gold
90% efficiency
Active PFC
Power output total / peak
20+4-pin ATX Connector
ATX12V (4+4-pin) support
PCI-E support
Yes, 4 x 6+2-pin
Number of floppy drive connectors
Number of IDE power connectors
Number of SATA power connectors
Master power on/off switch
Acoustic noise level
0.0 dB(A)
Length of motherboard power cable
45 cm (approx)
+3.3V maximum output current
20 A
+5V maximum output current
20 A
+12V1 maximum output current
22 A
+12V2 maximum output current
22 A
-12V maximum output current
0.3 A
+5VSB maximum standby current
2.5 A
Mains input voltage
Full range automatic
Physical dimensions
86 x 150 x 160 mm
1.8 kg
Haswell C6/C7 compatible

NoFan Fanless Power Supply Unit 500W Components

    • Power supply
    • Modular cable
    • Mounting screws
    • Velcro tie
    • Power cords
    • Manual

More Information

Manual for NoFan P-500A Fanless Power Supply

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