Fansis 60mm Fan Dust Filter Washable

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The problem of dust build-up inside computers has been with us ever since the introduction of cooling fans. Dust is the enemy of reliability but unfortunately it is inevitable that along with cool air, fans are very good at bringing it into the inside of your PC case. The problem is made worse in dusty environments or where the PC is located on the floor.

Dust not only makes working inside your PC much less pleasurable, it affects reliability because a thick layer of dust can exhibit a certain amount of electrical capacitance and conductivity which is clearly not what you want inside the workings of your machine! Just as seriously, it will reduce the working life of your PC’s fans and increase the risk of overheating.

The simple answer is to install a fan filter on all your PC’s intake fans, and we have not come across any products more effective or better made than these ones from Fansis. Once the fan filter assembly is screwed onto the intake side of your 80, 92 or 120mm fan, it will ensure a near-100% filtration of all airborne dust before it is able to enter the fan and therefore the PC. The foam density has designed to be high enough to catch dust, but low enough not to reduce airflow.

Of course no-one wants to buy a replacement fan filter once the old one has become clogged, so you will be pleased to know that the foam supplied in these Fansis filters is 100% washable in cold water, and reusable. A simple clipping mechanism ensures that the foam can even be removed for washing without having to unscrew the filter!


  1. Extremely effective for preventing dust buildup inside your PC case
  2. Keeps your PC clean and improves reliability
  3. Medium density random cell foam has virtually no effect on airflow
  4. Contains pre-cut washable and reusable foam filter
  5. Foam can be removed and washed without opening your PC case