AcoustiQuiet Mini 9U Quiet Rackmount Cabinet

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Price: $1,499.00
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The AcoustiQuiet™ Mini 9U is a sound reducing quiet rack designed to enclose rack-mounted equipment. The AcoustiQuiet™ Mini 9U integrates acoustic material into the manufacturing process and traps and absorbs undesirable noise while still allowing free air movement and heat exchange within your environment.

This unit offers a quiet rack server cabinet solution for clinics, branch offices, home offices and AV Studio deployments. Simply put, the AcoustiQuiet™ Mini has the best Price Performance for its size and class of quiet rack cabinet!

AcoustiQuiet Mini 9U Quiet Rackmount Cabinet Features

  • Locking transparent plexiglass front door
  • Solid locking rear door with (3) 4.5" quiet fans installed
  • Field reversible doors (left or right) for ultimate versatility in placement of rack
  • Dust filtration
  • Leveling feet (casters optional)

AcoustiQuiet Mini 9U Quiet Rackmount Cabinet Specification

AcoustiQuiet Mini 9U Quiet Rack Enclosure Specification
Heat Dissipation 1.2kW
Number of Quiet Fans: 3
Outside Dimensions: 20.86"h x 25.06"w x 37.67"d
Inside Usable Dimensions: 15.75"h x 19"w x 34.28"d
Weight: <125 lbs
Color: Black

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