Scythe Jyu Slim 100mm Quiet PC Fan

Retail Price: $11.95
Price: $11.95
  • SKUSCSY1012L12L
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Scythe Jyu Slim 100mm Quiet Fan

* PLEASE NOTE: This model is not currently available.

The 100 mm Kaze Jyu Slim's thickness is a mere 12 mm and manages high airflow at low rpm. This model is fitted with screw mounting holes of 100 mm and 92 mm, and can be applied as a case fan as well as cooling of HDDs. It is fitted with a sleeve bearing and has a lifespan of up to 30,00 hours. A 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter is included.


  •  More Airflow at Lower RPM

    By keeping the dimension of the center bearing hub as compact as possible & enlarging the blade surface, the Kaze Jyu Slim 100mm case fan can generate more airflow at lower RPM. This can allow a user to build a silent PC without compromising.

  • Extra Hard Disk Mounting Accessory

    By including the mounting kit for Hard Disk, this item can be conveniently converted as a Hard Disk cooler!

  • Equipped with Both 92mm & 100mm Screw Holes

    By providing screw holes for both 92mm & 100mm, Kaze Jyu Slim 100mm case fan allows the user to mount either as a 92mm or 100mm case fan.

  • 3-Pin to 4-Pin Adapter Included

To fulfill the demand for more users, Kaze Jyu 10cm case fan comes with the 3 to 4-pin adapter.

  Model Number:   SY1012SL12L
  Dimensions:   100 x 100 x 12mm
  Fan Speed:   1000rpm (±10%)
  Fan Noise:   14.5 dBA / 29.22 dBA
  Airflow:   15.23 CFM = 25 m³/h
  Rated Voltage:   12VDC
  Rated Current:   0.09A
  Connector:   2-pin (3-pin adaptor included)*
  Cable Length   30cm - 11.81"
  Bearing Type:   Sleeve Bearing
  Weight   58g / 2.04oz
  MTBF:   30,000 hours