Scythe Mini Kaze 50mm Quiet Fan

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Scythe Mini-Kaze 50mm Fan

Introducing Scythe's quiet 40mm fan to help reduce the noise of your already quiet PC system. This fan is an ideal replacement for any 40mm chipset, external HDD case cooling fan and removable case cooling fan.


  1. 50 x 50 x 10mm quiet PC cooling fan
  2. 2-pin and 3-pin connectors
  3. Great value
  Fan size (L x W x H)   50 x 50 x 10mm
  Model   SY125010L
  Air volume at full speed (12V), CFM ±10%   9.4
  Noise level at full speed (12V), dB(A)   26.09
  Fan speed at full speed (12V), RPM ±10%   4500
  Weight, g   21
  MTBF   30,000h
  Power connector   3-pin and 2-pin
  Bearing type   Sleeve
  Accessories   2-pin to 3-pin converter
  Voltage   12VDC
  Current   0.06A