UCoustic 7250 Acoustic Rackmount Wall Box 12U, 18U, 21U

Price: $1599.00
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A great answer to noisy routers and switches with a noise reduction of up to 15dB(A). The UCoustic 7250 Acoustic Wall Box has optional top and bottom baffling chambers, and incorporates standard 19" rack mounting profiles. It also has a thermal capacity up to 1.5kW employing 3 fans for heat exhaustion.

This range includes top and bottom baffling chambers.

UCoustic 7250 Wallmounted Rackmount Enclosure Specifications

UCoustic 7250 Rackmount Enclosure Specifications
Product Code UC4-12AWB-AA UC4-18AWB-AA UC4-21AWB-AA
Useable Height (1U = 44.45mm) 12U 18U 21U
External Cabinet Dimensions Without Baffles (Height/Width/Depth) 623 x 700 x 600mm
24.53 x 27.56 x 23.62"
889 x 700 x 600mm
35.00 x 27.56 x 23.62"
1023 x 700 x 600mm
40.28 x 27.56 x 23.62"
External Cabinet Dimensions With Baffles in mm (Height/Width/Depth) 823 x 700 x 600
24.53 x 27.56 x 23.62"
1089 x 700 x 600
42.87 x 27.56 x 23.62"
1223 x 700 x 600
48.15 x 27.56 x 23.62"
Max. Distance between front & rear mounting profiles *380mm - 14.96"
Max. Rackmount Unit Depth 460mm - 18.11" (measured from front blanking plate surface to inside of rear door)
Assisted Cooling Mechanism 3 ultra-quiet fans
Cable Entry Sealed foam entry points allow cables to access the enclosure through the floor and top of the rack whilst minimising noise leakage.
Cabinet Color Black as standard
Delivery Delivered fully-assembled and ready to go

*This dimension allows a minimum 43.2mm gap between the front blanking plate/equipment surface and the inner front door surface. This is recommended to allow for sufficient air-intake and, therefore, maximum cooling efficiency.

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