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Quiet Server and Equipment Rack - The XRackPro2 25U 19"

The XRackPro2 25U computer rack is ideal for environment where noise reduction is essential. This quiet rack is specially engineered to include four mounting posts and can accommodate almost any rack mount server and other production equipment including very heavy units.


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  • Image shows XRackPro2 Quiet Rackmount Cabinet.
    XRackPro2 25U Black Quiet Rackmount Cabinet.
  • Image shows the front view of the XRackPro2 25U Platinum Quiet Rack Cabinet.
    Front view of the XRackPro2 25U showing the rear cooling fans.
  • Image shows the front and side view of the XRackPro2 25U Platinum Quiet Rack Cabinet.
    Front and side view of theXRackPro2 25U quiet 19" cabinet.
  • Image shows side view of the XRackPro2 25U Platinum Quiet Rack Cabinet.
    XRackPro2 25U quiet enclosure with side panel removed.
  • Image shows close up of the glass door mechanism.
    View of the lockable glass door and opening mechanism.
  • Image shows rear view with door open.
    The ultra-quiet fans at the rear provide assisted cooling.
  • Image shows XrackPro2 25U with rear door open.
    Rear door with external view of the six ultra-quiet cooling fans.
  • Image shows the air intake at the base of the cabinet.
    The air intake and dust filter at the base of the cabinet.
  • Image shows the XRackPro2 25U Dust Filter.
    The XRackPro2 25U dust filter.
  • Image shows numbered mounting rails.
    Numbered mounting rails for easy installation and use.
  • Image shows the front locking castors.
    Heavy duty front locking castors.

With a deep internal equipment depth of up of up to 32 inches (81.2cm) and heavy-duty steel construction, the XRackPro2 25U server rack is also the perfect choice for deeper computer and audio video systems and has a fully adjustable depth 4 post rack arrangement.

Designed for rack-mountable computer and other equipment, the XRackPro2 is ideal for Dell, HP, IBM or other PC servers as well as Apple Xserve, Linux systems, Sun server platforms and more. Additional LAN and other network rack-mount equipment such as RAID storage, network switches, routers, A/V plus other multimedia production gear and more can be securely accommodated with the excellent noise reduction characteristics of the XRackPro2.

XRackPro2 25U also features excellent air filtration, security, plus mobility. Equipment installed in the XRackPro2 rack becomes significantly quieter as well as more clean, secure, and portable. Noise generated by rack mount computer, network and A/V equipment inside the XRackPro2 can be reduced by as much as 80%!

Unwanted sound from rackmount equipment mounted inside the XRackPro2 is reduced by the special sound dampening and acoustically absorptive materials. Installed equipment stays cool and clean thanks to the ultra-quiet, high airflow cooling fans that remove the warmer air exhausted from the equipment inside while constantly supplying the XRackPro2 with cooler room air which is also filtered. Six whisper-quiet, high capacity cooling fans exchange the internal air volume several times per minute through the air filters to keep equipment inside this very quiet rack cool and clean.


The XRackPro2 25U comes with locking front and rear doors, plus the removable side panels can be secured when closed, helping to protect equipment inside. The XRackPro2 front and rear doors may be locked with the included set of keys as required. The XRackPro2 server rack side panels can be easily removed for improved access to mounted equipment, then replaced and secured again for added protection.

XRackPro2 is also visually attractive and features heavy duty steel construction with a stylish, long-lasting powder coat paint finish. Your equipment remains visible through the sealed, tempered glass front door. Properly designed carpet-safe and industrial strength locking caster wheels are included to create a rolling rack mount enclosure that is sturdy, yet easy to move.

With superior noise reduction, air filtration, security and mobility the 25U XRackPro 2 allows equipment to be located in environments not previously possible. Rack mount servers, RAID systems, network switches, routers, audio-video and other components can now be deployed in close proximity to people with greatly reduced (or eliminated) audible impact to the immediate environment. Small office rooms, medical facilities, libraries, corporate offices, schools, audio video suites, research laboratories, or any other locations that require reduced audible sound levels down will benefit from this innovative and high-quality product.

Made in the USA


  • 25U enclosure with positive ventilation
  • Acoustically engineered to reduce noise
  • 19" (48.2 cm) Standard EIA/NEMA rails
  • 32" (81.2 cm) Maximum Equipment Depth
  • Ultra-Quiet Fans
  • 4 Heavy-Duty Carpet-Safe Casters 
  • 4 Fully adjustable mounting rails with U position labels
  • Key-Lock Security on doors
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to use
  • Ideal for Audio/Video creative environments


XRackPro2 25U Quiet Rackmount Cabinet Specifications
Product Code
Maximum Recommended Vertical Capacity (1U = 44.45mm)
External Cabinet Dimensions in mm (Height/Width/Depth)
336 x 609 x 939 (including leveler legs supplied as standard)
425 x 609 x 939 (including leveler legs supplied as standard)
731 x 612 x 930 (including castors supplied as standard)
1422 x 609 x 939 (including castors supplied as standard)
362 x 609 x 939 (with optional castors)
450 x 609 x 939 (with optional castors)
Product Weight in lbs:
Shipping Weight in lbs:
Quiet Cooling Fans
Included Accessories

4 Heavy-Duty Surface-Safe Leveler Legs (stackable)

8 x Fixing Nuts/Bolts

Standard Power Cord, 110V

4 Heavy-Duty Surface-Safe Leveler Legs (stackable)

16 x Fixing Nuts/Bolts

Standard Power Cord, 110 V

4 Heavy-Duty Carpet-Safe Castors (2 Locking Swivel, 2 Fixed)

24 x Fixing Nuts/Bolts

Standard Power Cord, 110 V

4 Heavy-Duty Carpet-Safe Castors (2 Locking Swivel, 2 Fixed)

48 x Fixing Nuts/Bolts

Standard Power Cord, 110 V

Integrated Cable Management

Cable Access
1 floor cable access point
3 top and 3 floor cable access points
Useable Depth
Cabinet Finish
Baked enamel finish in Platinum or Black
Cabinet Features

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Quick Release, Key-locking front and rear doors

Sealed Glass front door

User-customizable air intake system (25U only)

4 fully adjustable 19” Standard EIA/NEMA rails with U position labels

Dust Ingress Protection
Air Filter (fitted to cabinet air intake)
12U & 25U have removable locking side panels
Delivered fully assembled and ready to go

Shipping charges:

  • Will quote shipping based on actual deliver to address and extra services if required.
  • We shop carriers for best rate possible for our customers.
  • Extra services could include:
    1. Liftgate truck delivery if no loading dock or forklift available on site.
    2. Inside Delivery (White Glove service).
    3. Crating and packing material disposal.

Now Available in Custom Colors

XRackPro2 Racks are now available in a wide variety custom powder coated color options. Please contact sales@quietpcusa.com or call toll free 877-205-2020 for pricing and ordering information.