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Korean cooling company Zalman are world-famous in their field, and the Zalman ZM-F2 shows that they can produce good quality, simple and inexpensive cooling fans as well as monsters of CPU coolers! The F2 is Zalman's 92mm quiet case fan, and this "plus" version comes with anti-vibration mounting pins which significantly dampen low-frequency vibrations from the fan which would otherwise be transmitted into the PC case and be amplified.

The fan also comes with an RC56 in-line resistor which allows you to drop the running speed of the fan, significantly reducing its noise level whilst still providing a respectable amount of airflow.

Image shows the Zalman ZM-F2 mm Plus with fan mounts and connection cable.

Zalman ZM-F2 Plus 92mm quiet case fan.

Image shows Zalman ZM-F2 Plus 92mm in retail packaging.

Zalman ZM-F2 Plus 92mm retail packaging.

Image shows Zalman ZM-F1 Plus fitting instructions.

Zalman ZM-F2 plus fitting instructions.

Quiet Fan Specification

Zalman ZM-F2 Plus 92mm Fan Specification
Fan size (edge to edge)92 mm
ModelZM-F2 Plus
Maximum airflow at full speed (12V), CFM55.9
Noise level at full speed (12V), dB(A)36
Fan speed at full speed (12V), RPM ±10%2800
Approximate airflow at reduced speed (7.5V), CFM38.0
Noise level at reduced speed (7.5V), dB(A)20
Fan speed at reduced speed (7.5V), RPM ±;10%1500
Weight, g85
Power connector3-pin
Bearing typeSleeve
Mounting hardware includedSilicone pins
Fan depth25 mm
Rated voltage12 VDC