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Item #: ZMFC1PB
Reg. Price: $44.95
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Zalman’s ZM-MFC1 PLUS is a very simple fan controller which supports up to six 3-pin fans. This provides the user with total control of the installed fans. Each channel is capable of altering the supplied voltage from 5V to 11V, with 5V able to quieten even the loudest of fans. As well as a reduction in noise, lowering the voltage a fan receives also reduces the airflow, so make sure you keep an eye on the temperatures inside the system.

The look of the ZM-MFC1 PLUS is exquisite. The brushed aluminum finish and the LEDs, which increase/decrease in brightness depending on fan speed, give the ZM-MFC1 PLUS a feel of elegance and quality that would not look out of place in any system.


  1. Six Channel Multi Fan Controller
  2. Comprehensive Control of Cooling Performance and Noise
  3. Aluminum Front Panel for Maximum Aesthetic Quality
  4. Fast and Easy Access to Fan RPM Control
  5. Color and Intensity Variable LEDs for Simple Monitoring of Fan Speed


  ZM-MFC1 Plus Black Multi Fan Controller ZM-MFC1 Plus Silver Multi Fan Controller
Dimensions 148.5(L) X 65(W) X 42(H)mm
Channels 6
RPM Sensing Active RPM Sensing (All 6 Channels)
Fan Cable C1 Cable x 2 - Active RPM Sensing, C2 Cable x 4 - Non-RPM Sensing
Weight 220g
Maximum power 7.0W per channel
Input voltage 12VDC
Output voltage 5VDC - 11VDC 5%