Streacom Screw Kit for BC1 & BC1 MINI Workbench

Price: $39.50
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Streacom BC1 Screw Kit for BC1 & BC1 MINI

* Out of stock.  New stock arriving May 2024,

The Screw Kit allows you to expand or replace existing BC1 kit parts. Each contains 4x pushpin standoffs, 4x regular standoffs, 8x M3 thumbscrews, 6 x 6#32 thumbscrews and 2x PCI thumbscrews with nuts.

Thumbscrew 7 x M3
Thumbscrew 6 x 6#32
PCI & motherboard standoff 4 x
Motherboard pushpin 4 x
PCI screw & PCI hand nut 2 x

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