Fan Bracket 120mm Kit (Dual Hole) Multimedia Cabinet Cooling / Home Theaters

Retail Price: $19.95
Price: $19.95
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The 120mm fan bracket kit (Dual Hole) is perfect for multimedia cabinet cooling and home theaters.
This is a kit for a 2 hole fan bracket kit that will quietly cool your cabinet or multimedia center. This Does not include 120mm Fans. Can be mounted on any side of a cabinet, where room permits, by cutting a hole approximately 3/4" smaller on all sides of the outside bracket. Insert completed cooler assembly in hole and attach to cabinet with appropriate screws. Fan can be set to blow into or out of the cabinet depending on your needs

Image shows the Single hole fan bracket components.

Dual Hole 120mm Fan Bracket Kit

Complete Fan Bracket with Fan (Not Included)

Complete Single Hole Fan Bracket, (Please note: fans are not included)

Black Acrylic Fan bracket 13" x 6.25" x .125"
Black Honeycomb Mesh Fan Grill (2) 120mm
Black Fan Grill (2) 120mm
Black Cabinet Screws (4) 6.5"
Fan Screws 16