Acoustically Lined Blanking Panels

Price: $12.65
  • SKURD-RA0-0201-AA
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Acoustic Filler Panel

Ucoustic Sound Proofed Blanking Plates 5U, 4U, 3U, 2U and 1U - recommended for optimal cooling where the rack cabinet is not full or gaps are left between units. Black powder coat on face side with dense acoustical foam on the internal rack side. Five sizes are available.

Blanking Panel options:

    1U Blanking Panel (RA0-0201-AA)
    2U Blanking Panel (RA0-0202-AA)
    3U Blanking Panel (RA0-0203-AA)
    4U Blanking Panel (RA0-0204-AA)
    5U Blanking Panel (RA0-0205-AA)