Streacom DA2 ITX Aluminum Case - Open box

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Streacom DA2 ITX Case - Open box

*Please note: These DA2 V2 cases are open box, but complete and in as new condition.

Its a compact ITX case designed to strike a balance between size and compatibility, allowing high performance components to fit comfortably in a small form factor space.

Whilst there are compact cases on the market that do a great job of cramming high performance components into a super tiny space, they tend to focus on being “the smallest” and in doing so suffer from limited cooling, poor versatility and a generic uninspirational designs. With the DA2 we created a case that focuses on cooling performance and compatibility, whilst still being true to the size principles of small form factor and incorporating our minimalist design and premium construction ethos.


  1. An elegant and sophisticated all aluminum chassis
  2. Compatible with mini-ITX motherboards
  3. Universal brackets allow for fast and easy builds
  4. Designed for excellent airflow


There are lots of examples of what makes this case different, but beyond just the specification or features there is a fundamental difference in the approach that drives everything we produce. Being one of the few small independent manufacturers on the market, we do not depend on OEM facilities and shared tooling, nor do we suffer from the bureaucracy of larger organizations. This means we are not trapped in any specific design path and have the freedom to explore a different approach, which is why our products are genuinely different.

How about this for an idea, a case that considers cooling might actually be more important than RGB lighting. There are of course situations when lighting can work really well to enhance a products aesthetic, but its an unfortunate state when they come at the expense of performance and basic functionality. The DA2 upper and lower openings in the frame are a design aesthetic but they are also there to improve cooling and avoid the issue most cases suffer from, lower intake airflow restriction. That combined with the over 2000 precision holes on the back and side panels, plus the ability to support multiple fans in virtually any location, results in excellent airflow and cooling performance. 

Dedicated bays for drives, fans, radiators, etc are great for making builds fast and easy, but terrible if you want to optimize the usable space and create a truly customizable platform. So when we created our last 2 cases, the F12C and DB4, we pioneered the use of something we called the universal bracket. The DA2 also utilizes this innovative approach with a track that is integrated into the frame, allowing the brackets be fitted anywhere along the sides of the case. The unique approach to hardware mounting means even the PSU can be relocated making this case extremely versatile and customizable.

Being able to fit a wide range of components and build a compact but powerful system was a key focus thought the design process, so the DA2 can comfortably fit a 240mm radiator and a full size GPU, but beyond that its also extremely flexible. With a shorter GPU (upto 225mm) an ATX PSU can be used whilst still having enough room for a 140mm AIO. If you dont want to go the water cooling route and prefer a performance air cooler, the DA2 is not limited to a low profile style cooler and has space for a tower design up to 145mm.


Technical Specifications
Chassis Material
Premium Grade (6063) All Aluminum
Chassis Finish
Silver or Black - Sandblast Finish
Motherboard Support
Drive Capacity
3 x 3.5" or 8 x 2.5"  (/Bracket)
Form Factor SFF Mini Tower
USB Ports
Front USB Type C ( 3.0 upgradable to 3.1)
PCI Support
Dual Slot, 330 x 150 x 50mm (L x W x H)
CPU Cooler Max Height
Power Supply
External Dimensions
340 x 180 x 286mm (L x W x H)
Fan Support
40 to 180mm, 92mm (rear)
Water Cooling Support
120 to 280mm
Net Weight
3.9kg - 8.6lbs


Design and aesthetic is absolutely objective, but we have considered every line, every curve, every screw placement to not only be functional but also visually appealing. The devil is in the details, and whilst on paper one case might look very similar to another, its those small things that add up to make a vastly different product experience when its physically sitting there on your desk.

Streacom DA2 User Guide

Image shows Streacom DA2 Product Introduction logo. For more detail about what makes the DA2 special, please go to this PDF.
Image shows Streacom DA2 User Guide logo. See more detailed information in the Streacom DA2 User Guide.


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