Streacom RZ4 PCIe Gen4 Riser Cable

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The RZ4-21B is a PCIe Gen 4.0 X16 flexible riser cable with a 180 degree plug and connector that is designed for sandwich layout SSF
cases. The cable is 21cm long (excluding connectors) which is an ideal length for the DA6 but it can be used with any similar layout
The RZ4 is assembled using high quality cable and PCB to ensure a wide range of compatibility with PCIe Gen4.0 motherboards and
graphics cards.


Cable Length 21cm (exc con)
Interface PCIe X16
Compliance PCIe Gen 4.0
Cable Color Black
PCB Color Black
Operating Temp Range 0 - 100C
Included Accessories None
PCIe Socket 180˚
PCIe Plug 180˚