Zalman ZM-CS2011 Clip Kit for Socket 2011

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Price: $3.99
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The Zalman ZM-CS2011 Clip Support Kit allows mounting of CNPS11X Extreme, CNPS10X Extreme, CNPS10X Performa and CNPS9900 MAX. Components include Intel Clips (2EA), Silver Bolts (4EA) and Wrench Driver (1EA).

ZM-CS2011 Specifications

Zalman ZM-CS2011 Specifications
Dimensions 90(L) x 15.53(W) x 17.95(H) mm
Weight 70g
Compatible Products CNPS11X Extreme, CNPS10X Extreme, CNPS10X Performa, CNPS9900 MAX

Cautionary Notes

  1. Be sure to apply thermal grease before installation.
  2. Do not exert strong force on the device as it will damage the product.