Streacom 160W nanoPSU and AC/DC adapter block

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Streacom 160W nanoPSU and AC/DC adapter block

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The NANO PSU 160 Watt power supply is a 100% silent fanless DC-DC solution. No fans, no noise, just power for small and silent PCs.

The Nano160 is Streacom's 2nd generation ultra compact fanless PSU designed to provide silent ATX power for compact form factor computing. The PSU fits perfectly into all Streacom cases but can also be used as a silent PSU solution for any PC case.

Featuring 160W* of combined total power output, under & over output power protection, short safety protection, and connections for ATX24, SATA, IDE and 4PIN CPU power, the Nano160 is the natural choice for any SFF or quiet system that requires more power than our Nano120. It has also been designed with stability and compatibility at its core, and fully complies with low power (LVDS, ERP/EUP) requirements, having better than 87% efficiency. This makes the Nano160 the defacto performance compact power solution with the perfect balance of size, power output, and stability. .


  1. Very small, can build ultra-compact PC enclosures and slim server enclosures.
  2. Fits any motherboard equipped with 24pin ATX connector.
  3. 100% silent, fanless, no moving parts.
  4. Highly efficient design, does not produce a lot of heat.
  5. Ideal for Intel processors as VIA C7/nano or AMD motherboards.
Technical Specifications
Max Power Output 160W* peak
Input Power 12V DC, 13A
Output Connectors 1 x 24pin ATX, 2 x SATA, 1 x IDE, 1 x 4pin CPU
Input Power Cable Length 400mm
PCB Dimensions (WxHxD) 54 x 26(37**) x 18mm (WxHxD) ** including ATX connector
Input Power Range 110-264V AC
Power Characteristics 12V @ 8A, 5V @ 6A, 3.3V @ 2A, 5VSB@ 1A, -12V @ 0.02A
Input Connector IEC C14 (requires C13 cord)
Output Connector 5.5 x 2.5mm DC Jack DC cable length: 1.2M
Adapter Dimensions 168 x 71 x 38mm (LxWxH)
Safety Certification CE, FCC, UL, TUV, CCC
Safety Features

OPP, UPP, Short-circuit Protection, Compatible with Haswell C6 & C7 Power States

* When choosing components ensure that total power requirement is not greater than 160W.  Please check individual power component requirements and total all components used in the system.

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