Streacom ST-ZF240 ZeroFlex 240W Passive PSU

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Streacom ST-ZF240 ZeroFlex Fanless 240W PSU

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The Streacom ZeroFlex 240 has been designed to push the limits of compact and silent computing power.

Streacom is pleased to announce the ZF240 (ZeroFlex), a 240W, no fan, no noise, internal PSU that is based on the Flex form factor.

The challenge has always been to supply high power, not only in a small package but also without any active cooling. To overcome this we have used extremely high quality components and developed an innovative power circuit that is more that 93% efficient. 240W may not seem a lot, but to put things into perspective, if this PSU had active cooling, it could easily run at 450W, and its still less than half the size of a standard ATX PSU.

Even with the high levels of efficiency, heat is inevitable, which is why we have the unique ‘L’ bracket which connects the PSU directly to the case heatsink, and is designed to dissipate the heat outside the chassis. The AC socket is also mounted on a cable instead of being fixed to the body of the PSU, allowing for flexible positioning and more innovative future case designs.

The ZF240 is compatible with the Streacom FC5 Evo, FC9 and FC10 and will remove the need for an external power supply while increasing the maximum power available to components.


  1. Totally passive 240W Power Supply
  2. Installed inside the chassis
  3. Designed for Streacom FC5, FC9 and FC10 chassis
  4. 93% efficiency rating

Encased in an all aluminum enclosure which is based on the Flex form factor (81.5×41.5x150mm), the ZeroFlex can deliver 240W of combined power without the need for any active cooling. This has been achieved by the use of high quality components and innovative circuit design which achieves >93% efficiency levels. To put things in perspective, if the ZF240 was actively cooled, it would be rated as a 450W power supply.

The ZF240 is compatible with the FC5 Evo, FC9 and FC10 chassis, increasing the range of compatible components and removing the need the external AC adapter. The unique ‘L’ bracket mounts directly to the case heatsinks, allowing heat to be dissipated outside the case, and the flexible AC socket makes the mounting position adaptable, so its compatible with current and future Streacom cases.

Technical Specifications
Power Output 240W Combined, 3.3V @ 10A, 5V @ 10A, 5VSB @ 2A, 12V @14A, -12V @ 0.3A
Input Power 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Output Connectors 1 x 20+4 ATX, 1 x 4PIN CPU, 2 x SATA, 2 x MOLEX, 1 x FDD
Input Connector IEC C14 Socket
Internal Input Cable Length 150mm
Output cable length 400mm

139 x 86 x 47mm (LxWxH)

Compatible Cases FC5 EVO, FC9, FC10
Weight 848g

Compatibility Issues - please note the following issues with the 240W PSU when installed in specific cases:

F1C, F7C and FC8 - The Streacom ZF240 PSU is not compatible with these cases.  Consider he NANO 150W PSU.

FC5 - When installing Streacom’s 240W PSU into an FC5 chassis, the maximum sized motherboard that can be used is Micro-ATX. The PSU sits to the right of the chassis and this is also the location where a 3.5" hard drive can be installed. Therefore, if a 3.5" hard drive is to be installed, the 240W PSU is not compatible unless the motherboard is Mini-ITX. In that case, you can install up to two 3.5" hard drives towards the front of the chassis. Please see the FC5 product page that details this information.

FC9 -The FC9 is designed to accommodate motherboards up Micro-ATX, but if the 240W PSU is used the maximum size is Mini-ITX. This is because the FC9 is not wide enough to accommodate a Micro ATX motherboard and the 240W PSU. There are no hard drive restrictions with this chassis due to them being installed onto the tray of the FC9.

FC10 - The FC10 is designed to accommodate Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards but if the 240W PSU is installed then a Mini-ITX motherboard must be used. This is because the FC10 is not wide enough to accommodate both a Micro-ATX motherboard and the 240W PSU. There are no hard drive restrictions with this chassis due to them being installed onto the tray of the FC10.

Streacom ZF240 User Guide

Image shows ZF-240 User Guide logo.
See more detailed information in the ZF240 User Guide.

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