Streacom ST-LH6 CPU Heatpipe Kit for DB4

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Streacom LH6 CPU Cooling Kit

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The ST-LH6 is required if you want to cool a CPU up to 105W.  It does this by utilizing two of the DB4's side panels.

The LH6 Kit for the DB4 chassis was designed to expand the CPU cooling from a single side panel to two side panels.  It comprises of heat pipes, heatsink connectors, universal brackets and thermal pads/paste.  When assembled correctly with the appropriate environmental conditions, the total cooling performance can reach 105W of heat dissipation.  While the stock DB4 heat pipes have been designed to work with virtually any motherboard layout, the LH6 will require a compatible CPU location and motherboard.  See the Streacom System Build Guide for more details.


  1. Expand the CPU DB4 cooling from a single side panel to two side panels.
  2. Can be used as general-purpose heatpipes for custom modding.
  3. Supplied as a kit of four heatpipes pre-formed into the correct shapes.
Technical Specifications
Recommended TDP
+35W, in addition to the main 65W, total 100W
Number of Heatpipes  
x 3, 30-35W rating
Heatsink Mounts
x 2, 56mm wide, 6 channels
Universal Brackets x 2, used to secure the heatsink mount
Heatpipe Diameter 6mm
Heatpipe Length 117mm
EAN 8718469091140

 *Please note:  The STLH6 is no longer supplied with thermal pads.  The kit is now supplied with two tubes of ICE 5 Premium Thermal Paste which provides significantly increased and superior performance.

Streacom DB4 User Guides:

Image shows Streacom DB4 LH6 Kit logo. See more detailed information in the Streacom DB4 LH6 Heatpipe Kit User Guide.
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