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With its compact measurements and low height of 64 mm, the Shuriken Rev. B CPU cooler is particularly suitable for HTPC cases. Equipped with a 100mm PWM fan (12mm in height), it is the perfect cooling solution for limited-space environment, e.g. Mini-ATX motherboards.

Extreme Low Height – 64mm! The 64 mm “Extreme Low Height” feature makes this product compatible with most cases in the market.   

Original Design Super Slim 100 mm x 12 mm Thin PWM Fan The Slim 100mm x 12mm thickness “Super Slim PWM Fan” which is originally designed by the Scythe engineers to make this product as low in height as possible.

Tool Free Easy Installation The newly developed & "patent pending" mounting mechanism "VTMS (Versatile Toll-Free Multiplatform System) allows user to install the Shuriken CPU Cooler without any tools and hassle-free. Shuriken CPU Cooler is compatible with sockets 478/754/939/940/AM2/AM2+ & LGA775, LGA115x and LGA1366. All in one solution for your PC system.

3 x Heatpipes yet Ultra Light Weight The 3 built in heatpipes and heatsink combination offer very effective cooling yet is ultra light in total weight at only 355 grams!


Scythe Shuriken

The Scythe Shuriken, measuring only 64mm in height, should have no problems fitting inside a low profile or media center chassis. It uses three heatpipes which have been bent into an oval shape. The heat generated by the CPU feeds through both sides of the heatpipes and is transferred into the large aluminum fins. The heatpipes are soldered to the underside of the large heatsink which helps to reduce the cooler's overall height.

Mounted on the top of the large aluminum heatsink is a 100mm PWM fan. The PWM function allows the motherboard to control the fan's RPM based on the temperature of the CPU. This means that if things start to heat up then the fan speed will increase to compensate for the additional heat. Another odd feature about the fan is that it is only 12mm thick: another height-saving feature.

Scythe Shuriken Underside

The Shuriken has been designed to provide compatibility with the most common desktop motherboards. Intel's socket 478, LGA775 and AMD's socket 754, 939, 940 and AM2 platforms are all supported. The new Rev. B version increases compatibility even further, Intel's LGA1366, LGA115x and AMD's AM2+ and AM3 sockets are now all covered!

In summary, if you require a CPU cooler that has the credentials to perform but your choices are restricted from a space point of view then the Scythe Shuriken could be just what you are looking for.


  • Now LGA1366 and LGA115x compatible
  • Low profile - ideal for media PCs
  • Very quiet 4-pin PWM fan, from only 10.5dBA
  • Intel and AMD compatible - all in one solution
  • Three oval-shaped heatpipes for quick heat transfer


Scythe Shuriken Rev. B Low Profile CPU Cooler Specification

Model Number SCSK-1100
Air Flow 11.81CFM - 31.91CFM
Compatibility Intel LGA1366, LGA115x, LGA775, Socket 478
AMD socket 754/939/940/AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2
Dimension 105 x 116 x 64mm - 4.13 x 4.57 x 2.52in (overall)
Fan Speed 650 (±200rpm) - 2200rpm (±10%)
Fan Noise 10.5dBA - 31.67dBA
Weight 355g - 12.52oz (+ 115g - 4.06oz fan)
Baseplate material Nickel-plated copper