Ucoustic EDGE 3 Soundproof Rackmount Cabinet 24U

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UCoustic EDGE 3 Soundproof Cabinets:

The EDGE-3 soundproof MDC is an exceptional range of enclosures with a combination of noise reduction and air-cooled thermal performance. The EDGE-3 is a superior alternative to a costly data and communications room, by allowing the deployment of servers and network equipment directly in the office and requires less than 1m² of valuable floor space. It allows for localized on premise computing in populated or more sensitive locations – especially where there might be a concern of server noise being a distraction or breaching ECC working noise guidelines.

The EDGE-3 will reduce equipment noise up to 28.5dBA (99.9%) of IT noise, while providing a thermal load capacity of 11.5kW.

The EDGE-3 is an excellent all round 19” data, comms and server cabinet, with adjustable front and rear mounting angles and 6 cable entry ports. Reducing energy bills is always desirable but expecting a standard server cabinet to assist in this aspect is virtually impossible. That is where the EDGE-3 is uniquely different in design, the two EC fans located in the rear doors maintain sufficient airflow throughout the enclosure, providing the required level of thermal dissipation, while optimizing the level of 'ambient' background noise the cabinet itself generates and minimizing power expenditure. To ensure maximum energy efficiency, it is controlled with variable fan speed controls and temperature sensors.

Peace of mind is provided by an onboard environmental and optional security monitoring system. Real time alarms and alerts, which can be viewed via the WebUI, will notify authorized personnel via email alarms relating to any issues with the cabinet. Meaning you know what’s going on and can monitor who’s coming and going 24/7. Advanced configurations are available for enhanced levels of security and redundancy.

The LCD touch display on the cabinet doors will change color if the cabinet status changes, alerts (amber) or alarm (red). It will remain blue when working correctly. Touching the display will show environmental data from each temperature/humidity sensors or in the event of an alarm what that alarm specifically is. Simple ‘plug and play’ EDGE-3 solution is supplied pre-configured from the factory with built in intelligence and an energy efficient air-cooling system for effortless installation and customer convenience.

UCoustic EDGE 3 Specifications:

External dimensions and weights
Cabinet size 12U 24U 42U
Product Order Code - 100 to 115V E3U-1211-15 E3U-2411-15 E3U-4211-15
Product Order Code - 200 to 240V E3U-1211-24 E3U-2411-24 E3U-4211-24
Cabinet size (usable space(1U = 44.45mm) 12U 24U 42U
Height 720mm - 28.35" 1152mm - 45.35" 1954mm - 76.93"
780mm - 30.71" 780mm - 30.71" 780mm - 30.71"
1100mm - 43.31" 1100mm - 43.31" 1100mm - 43.31"
Weight 140kg - 308lbs 204kg - 449lbs 328kg - 723lbs
Weight (300mm Extension Frame) 23kg - 51bs 33kg - 73lbs 47kg - 104lbs
Dynamic load (inclusive of cabinet weight 750kg / 1653lbs
Index of Protection IP44 - Upgrade to IP54 available
Noise reduction of IT noise 28.5dBA (99%)
Paint finish Semi Gloss powder coat - Black RAL 9005
Frame material 1.5mm CR4 steel
Passive and active doors material 1.0mm, 1.2 & 2.0mm CR4 steel
Top Cover material 1.2mm CR4 steel
Mounting angles material 2.0mm CR4 steel
Foam Fire retardant
Monitoring Function On Touch
Touch Screen LCD Display Color Alarm - Shows temperature & humidity, contact sensors
EC Fan Control Up to 2 - 2set fan curves and custom option
Temp + Humidity Up to 4 sensors
Door Status Up to 6 dry contacts
Alarming SMTP & LCD Display alarms
Reporting Local reporting - Alarms
Fan Speed
Temperature and Humidity
Contact sensor
Alerts Notify when service or filter is due
Connectivity SNMP V1, V2 & V3 out
Cooling Capacity
Max. Thermal Load 12kW 12kW 12kW
Fan Type Backward curve EC Fan
Cooling Type Air Cooled
Air Cooling Capacity 230V 6.2kW 10.5kW 11.5kW
Air Cooling Capacity 115V 6kW 9kW 10kW

Energy and attenuation performance:

Energy and attenuation performance
Maximum heat load 12kW 12kW 12kW
Maximum power consumption Up to 1 Amp - all active models
Attenuation performance 31dB(A) - all models

UCoustic EDGE 3 Active Cabinet Features:

 Active UCoustic™ soundproof server cabinets include:

  • EC fan technology - Energy saving and hot swappable
  • Swing handle and two point locking - Providing high security - electronic upgrade available
  • Heavy duty castors for safe, rapid deployment
  • Foam cable entry system - Speedy installation without compromise to performance
  • Cable entry - Six cable entry points via removable gland plates, three at the top and three at the bottom
  • ETL listed - Proof of product compliance to published industry standards

UCoustic EDGE 3 Cabinets:

The UCoustic family of enclosures have been designed to be more than just a state of the art sound proof boxes; they are also excellent data communication cabinets.

The combination of record breaking noise attenuation and thermal dissipation performance ensures the UCoustic™ family is a world class leader in its field.

For the uninitiated 31dBA is a massive noise reduction to achieve from a 19" Enclosure and to achieve this USystems have invested heavily in research and development, utilizing state of the art technology and included the latest most effective acoustic materials available.

This amazing noise reduction has been achieved without compromise to cooling the active equipment housed within. In fact the UCoustic™ 9210i EDGE has been tested and achieves a staggering thermal capability of 12kW of heat dissipation.

So what does 31dB(A) noise reduction mean and what benefits do I get?

As with all sound proof enclosures, the performance of the UCoustic™ family relies upon the ingenuity of the enclosure design and the acoustic material used in order to remove as much noise from the enclosed sound source (e.g. servers) as is possible.

Noise is measured in decibels (dB(A)) so when we claim 31dB(A) noise reduction, this is the amount of noise being removed from the sound source (your server room or office).

Claims such as 90% noise reduction are a bit nebulous. A soundproof (or sound dampening) enclosure is going to remove a specified amount of noise (decibels) from the surrounding area, according to how it was designed and manufactured. Your sound reduction result is dependent on the amount of noise in the location you are trying to subdue.

Putting this into IT/Network context, the typical noise from (2) low form factory servers with avg. CPU loads is 62 dB(A). With (4) servers, 65 dB(A) and with (8) servers, 68 dB(A). With a UCoustic™ soundproof cabinet placed in an office environment, which is typically between 48dB(A) (average office without speech) and 78dB(A) (busy office with speech), you will not be able to hear the original sound source from within the UCoustic™ Cabinet unless you had your ear pressed up again the cabinet!

Noise Control:

  • A 5-decibel reduction can cut the risk of hearing loss in half.
  • Productivity of employees. Prolonged exposure to loud environments creates stress and can lead to accidents.
  • Insurance companies are applying pressure to corporations due to hearing loss claims filed under workman's comp laws.
  • Government regulations enforced by OSHA, State and local laws.


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